About us

Sponsored by 214 Alpha

214 Alpha is an Austin-based software company with a heart for the artists that have made Austin unique.

The Austin Arts Marketplace is a way for creatives to sell their work without the energy that's ordinarily required for an art faire or other physical or retail locations, allowing them to earn more money, and raise awareness, with less overhead.

We ♥ Austin Art!

How does it work?

By using the 214 Alpha virtual marketplace, “buy and produce local” efforts such as the Austin Arts Marketplace cuts out the middleman, keeping money local.

Fees that normally go to Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, etc. are kept by the Austin Arts Marketplace community, self-funding their own growth and redevelopment with programs the community itself votes upon.

Related Austin-Area Projects

Tannehill Marketville Collective

The Tannehill Marketville Collective is a group of Austin-based activists which aspire to launch a self-funded co-op, where the primary beneficiaries are members of the community itself.

The Tannehill Marketville Collective is a joint collaboration of Future Story Lab and 214 Alpha in support of the Anti-Fragile Playbook.

Bene Esse (Sprout)

Sprout, a product of Future Story Lab, is a franchise business development framework that incentivizes current landowners to invite others to become residents and fellow-stewards of their land, helping the landowner improve their own financial stability, while effecting a repair upon the environment.

Bene Esse is an Austin-area pilot of the Sprout product; a joint collaboration of Future Story Lab and 214 Alpha